Outdoor Advertising Abundance in Romania

DSCN4411 DSCN4600 DSCN4441Arriving in Bucharest I was surprised to find outdoor advertising everywhere – sophisticated with videos, electronics, and 3D spectaculars. Here are examples, the Air France jet above a subway entrance, a Ted bus shelter, and a slice of a busy intersection.

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Cappuccinos and Advertisements

I was privileged to teach International Advertising at Loyola University’s John Felice Rome Center this summer. Being immersed in the culture and exploring advertising communication messages throughout the historic city created for a transformative experience. The highlight of the course was visiting Leo Burnett.SOCRomeLeoBurnettVisit

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Is Beauty Different in Eastern Europe and Asia?

AsianJournalofCommunicationIn pursuit of culture in advertising, I explored outdoor visuals in six different locations. My analysis focused on women and the concept of beauty. The images portrayed active women in Bulgaria, Poland, and Turkey, compared to Japan and South Korea where women were more common in decorative or symbolic depictions, while trendy styles were the most frequent in Hong Kong. My article, “Comparing portrayals of beauty in outdoor advertisements across six cultures: Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Japan, Poland, South Korea, and Turkey,” was recently published in the Asian Journal of Communication.

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Awarded Top Teaching Paper

My research about team teaching advertising and public relations courses at Loyola University Chicago was awarded Top Teaching Paper by the Advertising Division at the AEJMC Annual Conference in Washington D.C. This is just a start – more experimental pedagogy is required to help better prepare students to enter the industries and have successful careers. Research can offer perspectives and directions for developing more effective student learning. Here’s the presentation: TeamTaachingPres

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Occupy Wall Street Visual Identity

While Occupy Wall Street may not currently be active, it is fascinating to look at it from a visual identity perspective. Aided with the Internet and social media, people from around the world not only created the movement, but also designed its visual identity. The process is congruent with global branding strategies like those used by Frito-Lay and Starbucks. In my article presented in June at ICA’s annual conference in London, I review 572 OWS posters within the context of global branding.

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Chicago Auto Show Video Achievement Awards

Loyola students were busy at Media Day and among the crowd filming at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show for their first Multimedia Commercial Production class assignment. The task: Produce a video to be shared with others to get them interested in attending the Chicago Auto Show, America’s largest such event of its kind. Each highlighted the international event with stories of love, home, kids and humor.

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Team Teaching Advertising

Advertising is a rewarding career partly due to its complexity. Where else do creative, research, media, account management, strategists, producers, designers and others come together to develop innovative and relevant communication? As a professor of advertising I want to express this team work in the classroom. Team teaching is one effective approach. Please see the recent presentation I made to Loyola University Chicago’s 2013 Spring Focus on Teaching and Learning event.FOTL1_9_13

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What Does it Mean to be Beautiful?

Everyday women pursue the elusive concept of beauty. Advertisements provide a lens for viewing culture, highlighting priorities and ideals, including those relating to beauty. In my recently published article in the Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, we compare beauty in French and American advertisements. See

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How do Praying Hands Help Brand Christianity?

Throughout the ages religions have employed icons, symbols, and other devices to create an identity and image, or in business-terms, a brand, for their beliefs. Read more about the image of praying hands specifically and their similarities to consumer brand logos, like Harley-Davidson, in my article “Branding the Devine: Albrech Dürer’s Praying Hands and the Branding of Iconography” in The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture this summer: http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/journal_of_religion_and_popular_culture/toc/rpc.24.2.html

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Starbucks Omnipresent in Global Culture

It seems wherever you travel today Starbucks is there – Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, even Macau – just a few examples from my recent Asian trip.  The coffee culture has become quite fashionable with the locals.  As one young Korean auto manufacturer executive told me, “I go to Starbucks every morning.  It makes me feel modern, Western, and liberal.”  The chain’s popularity will slowly change culture.  The power of marketing.

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